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Focus Groups


Focus Group Examples

Take the opportunity to reach out to your employees or teams for feedback.  Developing a culture of collaboration helps to reinforce a high performance culture where feedback is valued and considered.

Get to the heart of opinions and perceptions in a comfortable, confidential environment with an unbiased facilitator. We will provide both qualitative and quantitative data in our report. Qualitative analysis is provided using verbatim comments. Quantitative data is provided through software where participants enter their confidential answers.  

Leverage the valuable data you may have through surveys by following up with focus groups. Survey data cannot explore the reasons “why” certain perceptions and attitudes exist. Focus groups provide the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and probe for deeper insights, ideas and broader perspectives.

Communication Effectiveness

Explore current perceptions...identify issues...identify possible changes to communication channels

Flexible Benefits Plan Design

Educate...test...explore communication preferences...identify possible design changes

Incentive Compensation Design

Educate...test...explore communication preferences...identify possible design changes

Communication/Change Strategy

Test...identify possible changes to the strategy...test themes...test possible creative approaches to inspire employees  

Recognition Program the communication plan

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Explore current perceptions...identify issues...test the policy...explore the best ways to communicate the policy

Onboarding Experience

Explore the level of satisfaction...identify issues...identify possible changes to the onboarding process

Performance Management

Explore the level of understanding and appreciation of compensation programs..or test reaction to a new program...get feedback on the performance management process 

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