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Communication & Change Strategies

HR Communication 

Branding Strategy


We will help you develop an HR Communication Branding Strategy to support an Employer of Choice mindset. We have developed an HR communication planning process that will ensure that your HR Communication Branding aligns with your Company Values, Employer Value Proposition and branding guidelines.

Colleagues Working Together

Communication & Change Strategy Development

Do you have a communication challenge? Are you introducing a new program or changing an existing program? Do you need to communicate a major change impacting employees? Are you launching a new initiative?

Our proprietary strategy planning process is designed to develop a plan to engage, educate and drive action from all audience groups. 


We will implement the strategy as well as manage all aspects of production. 

HR Communication Audit – Ensuring Value for Your Budget Spend


Do you know how much time, budget and resources are used to deliver your communication? Do know how your communication is perceived or how effective it is?


We will review your communication landscape and recommend ways of improving your communication channels for maximum impact.  We will save you time, money and resources. Our communication audit methodology is proprietary. Steps in the process will depend on your objectives identified in an initial scoping meeting.

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